HealAdvisor Digital Nutrition module

99,96  incl. VAT / month

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With the monthly HealAdvisor Digital Nutrition subscription you can quickly and easily find suitable Healy frequency programs for bioenergetic support in the absorption of substances from food. In addition to that, a personalized grocery shopping list is created. The subscription can be cancelled monthly; if not cancelled, it will be extended by one month.
The content displayed by the HealAdvisor app does not constitute medical diagnoses and is meant as recommendations only. Medical diagnosis and treatment are the sole responsibility of medical professionals. The displayed Healy programs, substances and foods are recommendations only that depend on user input. In case of food intolerances, allergies, incompatibilities or diseases, the recommendations of the HealAdvisor App must always be evaluated by a physician.
The Healy Watch is a digital lifestyle wearable that measures and evaluates various vital parameters, providing optimal support for many life situations.
The Healy Watch is not intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent disease, but to support vitality and well-being.
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